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  Passport & ID Recognition
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  • Makes Great Savings

    Saves you from copying, paper and toner costs.
  • Increases Your Service Quality, Strengthens Your Image

    "In our hospital, patient recording time has decreased incredibly, complete and correct data entry is accomplished, moreover, a great saving is achieved since there aren't any copying or paper costs anymore. Both our patients and we are extremely satisfied."
  • Prevents Incorrect or Incomplete Data Entry

    As scanned data is transferred in texts, there is no need for additional manual data entry.
  • No Need for Physical Archives

    Enables easy searching, listing and reporting according to desired features thanks to electronic archiving. No need for physical archives anymore.
  • Can be used for Turkish Republic ID cards, international passports and ID cards

    Reading - transferring a passport takes only 1 second while it is just 4 seconds for Turkish Republic ID cards.
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction

    During Check-in operation, ID data is read by the scanner and transferred directly into the relevant fields of the frontdesk programme, there is no need for making programme entry seperately. Hence, check-in time decreases immensely and customer satisfaction increase is guaranteed.
What is SmartIDReader ?
SmartIDReader is a software that reads all kinds of IDs and passports by scanner, saves them with their photo/image and transfers ...

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Where is it used ?
SmartIDReader can be used anywhere that saving and keeping ID data is needed. Organisations that have to keep entrance-exit...

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Success Stories
SmartIDReader has been the choice of superior companies from various sectors and has achieved several successful solutions in a ve...

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SmartIDReader is only sold through dealer channel. The dealer channel structure includes software companies in position of produce...

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